Creative idea

We noticed that more and more it has been talked about the big number of children that don’t read books at all. We decided to work on this problem and created a campaign with the main character Halki the Elephant, the symbol of child savings of Halkbank.

The idea was Halki to encourage the children to read more and to be more engaged in creative activities. We started the campaign by creating “Halki’s picture book”. It was the carrier of the content on which we’ve build the whole campaign afterward. Halki became known as the cheerful elephant who teaches our children to read books and enjoy while doing it.
Brand name: Halkbank
Advertiser / client: Halkbank AD Skopje
Product / service: Education / Social Responsibility
Campaign name: Halki the Elephant
Agency: Effectiva Skopje
Production company: Effectiva Skopje
Executive creative director: Sofija Semenpeeva
Creative director: Emilija Kiproska
Art director: Sofija Semenpeeva
Copywriter: Mirko Trajanovski
Designer: Emilija Kiproska
Account director (agency): Elena Jovanovski
Client account director: Maja Naumovski
Pr director: Mirko Trajanovski
Illustrator: Trajce Pavlov
Post production: Sinisa Ilijeski
Digital strategist: Effecitva Skopje