Effectiva is a center for visual communication and marketing services, with an office in Skopje. Our team is composed of experienced creators working in various areas in the field of visual communication, marketing and communications. The company was founded in 2013. Since the beginning of our work, we have been building the foundations by creating our own educational projects that encourage creativity in the youngest generations in society, as well as projects for the affirmation of visual artists abroad. We create solutions for marketing, graphic design, digital advertising and public relations, we also create websites and applications, with the sole purpose of solving the business challenges of our clients.

Strategy is a pillar of our operations, and at the heart of our strategy are our customers. With us, they get everything in one place – from an idea to its realization. Each stage in the overall creation process is carefully analyzed. Our goal is to turn the customer’s vision into a true story. A story that will bring their brands and products closer to consumers and create an emotional connection with them.

We develop marketing and communication solutions of the digital age. Our vision is to connect the offline with online communication spaces. This is a real challenge in which we invest 100% of our creative energy, trying to connect the inconnectible.

Effectiva is recognizable by a series of successfully realized projects in the past years. First of all, we will mention Litera – The International Festival of Children’s Literature and Illustration, which will have its third edition this year. Our project is also the Skopje Street Music festival – a music festival where chamber instruments and artists had open-air concerts in several neighborhoods throughout Skopje. We also realized the project “Put the tablet down, and come out and play“, which included activities and workshops for developing the creativity of the youngest audience, in order to return the neighborhood life in the Skopje neighborhoods.

Additionally, we work for a large number of business clients, primarily from the food industry, pharmacy, banking sector, etc. Our task and goal is to help them visually build their brands and successfully promote them to their consumers. In that sense, we work on graphic design, organizing events, social media marketing, and public relations.

Effectiva operates on the Macedonian market, with a small percentage of markets abroad. The list of collaborators and participants in the projects made by Effectiva includes a large number of professional names from abroad.