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Visual Communication – the Power of Successful Brands

Imagine that you are in a grocery. Your shopping list includes spaghetti among other products; however, they do not have the spaghetti you always buy. You will certainly not go to another shop for only one product so you have to choose among several brands on the shelf in front of you. What spaghetti will you put in your basket? According to https://www.westrock.com/-/media/images/insights/packaging-matters-2018/westrock-packaging-matters-2018-whitepaper.pdf, since 2018 as many as 81 percent of consumers have tried something new because a product “has caught their eye.” It is the power of visual communication of brands that is the only “culprit” for that.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This may be a cliché but it is true. And, if you add good verbalisation, you get a powerful brand. The picture sends the first message and creates and starts building customers’ opinion of your product. The first picture is what remains longer in one’s memory. Most people respond faster to a picture than a text. The mind processes images faster than words.

Good visual solutions convey a message efficiently and have positive effect on strengthening your business activity. Even the best properties of a product may be lost or misunderstood without creative and appealing visual solutions.

Benefits and strengths of good visual communication

 Efficient and fast conveyance of information

Compared to verbal communication, visual communication prevails with its efficiency in communication.

Easy to understand – simplicity

One of the primary strengths offered by visual communication is its simplicity.

 Flexibility – intercultural communication

Imagine yourself travelling around the world and exploring places you have always dreamt about. Evidently, you can’t speak the local language well enough to be able to interact with locals. What if you get lost somewhere and do not know where you are? Since you can’t speak the local language, you do not have means of communication in order to find the way out. In such situations, you might depend on a map that is a kind of a visual content.

Visual communication is a method by which people can understand things easily whether the latter are signs, typography, films, graphic designs, or any other things. Before focusing on how visual communication helps marketing with contents, let us get familiar with visual literacy.

Children can understand pictures before they understand verbal skills. Similarly, visual literacy plays an important role in interpreting a message in form or art and visual media. The Internet has huge importance for visual literacy.

Visual communication occurs everywhere – websites, newspapers, instructions for use, social media, and email. The use of the visual art can be found everywhere.

Feeling of comfort and pleasure

Visual materials are definitely more amusing. If it is about art visualisation, then it also brings aesthetic enjoyment. A comic picture makes people smile and helps them retain information for a longer time, feeling pleasure and enjoyment. 

Importance of visual communication in business

Communication is power and a pillar of any life spheres. In the business world, good visual communication is a key for success and strengthening the marketing activities. Visual communication has the greatest power – to pass on a brand story successfully and accurately.

For any business, it is very important that the message it wants to convey is interpreted in the same or at least similar way by as many recipients of that message as possible. Otherwise, any effort you exert will be wrong.  Visual communication bridges the gap. A short and simple animated GIF or video can convey a clear and unified message, which helps consumers get adequate information about a product, service, brand, or a company in a picturesque way.

Visual communication offers an easy way of decision making in the business world.  It enables easy and fast conveyance of information. This helps a client make an efficient and fast decision about your product. It speaks of your business much more loudly than words. A good design sells well but in combination with a high quality product, it writes out a success business story.

Why is visual communication more important than ever?

I have the feeling that the technology and data have put aside creativity in visual communication, and I can freely state that lack of creativity in every sphere of marketing is noticeable. It is creativity that is essential and is one of important aspects in marketing.

Creative visual communication might be a key that will distinguish success stories in the market. It will create an emotional and long-term relation between the brand and the end buyer. 

At the time where digitalisation is widely spoken about and the whole world communicates online, what kinds of pictures we communicate with is of particular importance. Good and creative visualisation will bring lasting benefit to your brand.


Colour gives life to intent. It has special influence on one’s emotions. Its importance is huge. Therefore, we should necessarily learn how to communicate with shades. The selection of colours is not only fundamental in art or graphic art but in psychology and marketing. Actually, colour is one of the most important elements of the composition, whether it is about painting, photography, film or design.

It is so because colour has the power to direct the thought, change actions, cause positive and negative responses, attract attention, and even change one’s mood. Finally, it can influence a consumer’s decision on buying a product or not.

Creating a lasting visual solution is a process that requires time, freedom, knowledge, and creativity and knowledge of the colour and its meaning. Psychology of colour has great influence on the decision made in both deliberate and non-deliberate manner. Colour in visual communication is a wider topic that we will open on a future occasion.

Eventually, let us not forget a few significant elements that you have to have in mind when making decision:

  • Good visual communication is crucial for your brand or product;
  • Visualisation currently plays an important and great part in creating a solid link between you and your customers;
  • Courage follows the successful – encourage yourself for a creative and unique visual story;
  • Who creates your visual story is very important. Therefore, do not save on visualisation. That is the first picture of your brand.

P.S. And just a question for the end. What spaghetti have you chosen?



Sofija Semenpeeva Trajanovska

Expert at Visual Communication